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       To Be Worn Anywhere

                Your Activity Takes You

Amazing Design Lives in our Audio DNA

Next Revolution in Ultraportable Audio Players

 ITreq is the audio headset for the person on the go and VOX One Labs is stoked to release this “Revolution in Listening” device for your audio play lists.

ITreq  is our innovative audio headset that lets you enjoy your favorite sound tracks during activities without long wires connected to your player or phone while going about everything extreme you do each day.

Gives you access to huge music files, delivers amazing sound, fits snug over either ear and delivers a great user experience and lets you do more than just play music files.


More than just an audio player

This is not a another Bluetooth headset…. This is a full bodied Engineered Micro Audio Player that takes your MP3 format files directly from a high speed Micro SD card and blasts them out in performance audio sound. With revolutionary dynamic acoustic earphones, high density integration of microelectronics and leading edge industrial design the ITreq allows you to stay connected to your music files in style and on the go.  


Tiny but Powerful

The Tiny Wearable MP3 Player with BIG Sound! Enjoy more quality entertainment… on the go. The Micro SD card slot provides you with unlimited storage of your play lists.

This  tiny MP3 player boasts an array of cool features, as well and a distinctively big sound for its small size. Rock out with up to 1,000 songs per 4GB Micro SD card.  

Enjoy listening to your custom play lists play when you use the Micro SD cards with tunes ready to pop into the player’s memory card slot. No limit as to how many cards you can have.

Rock on with over a 8-hour battery life per 1 hour charge. Charges from any USB outlet.


Stylish, Wearable Design

ITreq  is your ultimate technology fashion statement. Just of hint of color shows that you are in possession of the latest in miniaturization for you listening pleasure.

ITreq  is simple and elegant. We are in the midst of a “Wearable Electronics Revolution” from its sleek, thin and very light weight styling to its very simple touch controls, ITreq SD  is the Ultimate MP3 Audio player for people on the go.

ITreq  stays with you through all of these activities, right on your ear, either ear, with no long cables from your MP3  player to get in the way. 

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